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Web back-end developer – is a programmer who deals with web programming backend of the website. To allow all users to use the web resource fully, regardless of the hardware capabilities of its technology, all the cumbersome processes executed by server due to its resources. The most popular programming language for the back-end is a PHP. In our time this programming language used by hundreds of thousands of developers. Most sites that use PHP is Facebook and Wikipedia.
This programming language has gained it’s huge publicity through flexibility of use. PHP allows us to create complex scenarios of data: processing user input data, work with databases, file systems, and more.
Almost all popular systems for developing web sites operate with PHP nowadays and that’s why programmers in this area have become very popular. The most popular of these systems are: Worpress, Opencart, Prestasohop, ModX and many others. After learning this programming language you will ensure to yourselves a stable and high-paying job. Below you can see the average salary of PHP developers:
  • Junior PHP Developer – 700 $ / month
  • Middle PHP Developer – 2 000 $ / month
  • Senior PHP Developer – 3 000 $ / month
Make your first step towards high wage together with our IT Academy.

The advantages of our course:

Training Program:

  1. Introduction to PHP5
  2. Start to work with PHP
  3. Language syntax
  4. Inclusion of PHP code in HTML
  5. Logical Expressions
  6. Cyclical operators
  7. Functions
  8. GET and POST parameters
  9. Forms processing
  10. Working with ribbons
  11. Arrays
  12. Processing of numerical data
  13. Sessions and cookies
  14. Operators include extraneous files
  15. Working with files
  16. MySQL database in PHP
  17. Creating a database and tables
  18. Connect to the database
  19. Add, select, update and delete data in the database
  20. Work with E-mail
  21. Error Handling
  22. jQuery and PHP
  • PHP, MySQL

    2 800 UAH
  • 15 lessons (30 hours)
  • a group of 5 people
  • Convenient schedule
  • Information subscription by e-mail
  • Lviv, Lutskogo 2 str. (map)
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