Front-End-Developer Courses

Web front-end developer – is a programmer who deals with client side web programming website. The task of these professionals is to create a convenient and attractive design and interface, which determines the user number of the web site. The key for the Front-end programmer is knowledge of such technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS. Good front-end server programmer is necessary to know the server language to understand the relationship between the client side and server side. This question can be solved with Ajax technology. All of the above is the basic web programming but Web front-end professionals frequently use many other technologies for “usability”, “heuristics” and “cross-browser compatibility”.
To become a Web front-end developer, you can go through the programming courses ,to do self study or learn programming in high school for this profile. It should be noted that CyberBionic Systematics programming courses will help you quickly and efficiently learn and even get advice and help to find employment. Except studying with courses or in Universities you must observe programming by your own as well. Learning web programming is very simple and interesting.
With this specialization you will demand expert in the IT. Your job will not becomes difficult and tedious. Good web programmers are employed in huge IT companies. So learn and settle yourself to work, so companies will be happy to meet a new good front-end programmer.

The advantages of our course:

Training Program:

  1. Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. HTML markup
  3. Syntax of HTML, markup, tags
  4. Including CSS
  5. CSS Syntax
  6. The concept of the selector and selector types
  7. Imposition and its types
  8. Display requests
  9. Introduction to Bootstrap
  10. Items of Bootstrap layout
  11. Connection of JS files
  12. JavaScript syntax
  13. JavaScript basic commands
  14. JavaScript functions
  15. jQuery libraries connection
  16. jQuery syntax
  17. Popular CMS for creating websites
  18. Basics of creating websites on WordPress
  19. WordPress templates, create of your own template
  20. Domains
  21. Hosting and its types
  22. How to move a site on hosting
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

    2 000 UAH
  • 10 lessons (20 hours)
  • a group of 5 people
  • Convenient schedule
  • Information subscription by e-mail
  • Lviv, Lutskogo 2 str. (map)
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